Company Profile

SNPCONSTRUCTION (Stephanos N. Papazoglou) is a construction company with activities in studying, constructing, reconstructing, supervizing and managing technical projects both in Greece and abroad, since 1990. Its extensive experience in the domestic and international market, its skilfull, experienced and effective team, and the use of high quality materials, have established SNPCONSTRUCTION as one of the most reliable and efficient companies in its field.

Through a wide range of successful and integrated projects, covering various technical fields of the construction sector, SNPCONSTRUCTION has acquired the technical expertise and skills required to offer a complete range of services able to provide solutions to all construction needs and specifications.


Activities & services

Quality-oriented and with the aim to satisfy the needs of the contemporary construction sector, SNPCONSTRUCTION plans, supervizes, manages and implements high class projects. The company offers integrated solutions using the «turn key» system based on the quality, temporal and financial requirements of each project.

In the construction sector, the company undertakes all types of construction projects either on privately owned property or on third party property (“contribution” system), as well as the sale of the buildings erected. The SNPCONSTRUCTION activity is not limited to the Greek territory, since the company supports and implements Greek and foreign investments abroad.

Special Buildings

Commercial Stores

Restoration of Listed Buildings

Office Buildings - Bank Branches



Our philosophy

The consistency, reliability and overall satisfaction of each client are non-negotiable values for SNPCONSTRUCTION. Our primary objective is to offer guaranteed work and services, and effective integrated solutions, which are at the same time quickly feasible and affordable, always with an emphasis on high quality and safety. Continuous development and flexibility are among our enduring goals, and this is why we make sure we expand and have the ability to operate anywhere in Greece, as well as in other countries.

Adequate training and experience, combined with a thorough knowledge of the construction industry are the key characteristics of the SNPCONSTRUCTION workforce. Our team is composed of remarkable scientists, well-trained technical staff, and freelancers/collaborators with various specialties. They are all qualified professionals who can meet every challenge in the fields of project design, construction, renovation, repair, maintenance, decoration, management and costing; who offer architectural solutions, technical support, consulting services and, more generally, undertake all the bureaucratic processing that a project requires.